In order to offer our patients the best quality eye care possible, we have invested heavily in some state of the art examination equipment.



Retinal Camera


A Digital Retinal Camera takes an instant photograph of the back of your eye, like the one shown. Examining the retina is an essential check on the health of the eyes, and can reveal more general medical conditions, e.g. high blood pressure.


Retinal photography represents a significant advance in routine eye care.



The advantages of this are:


It allows for a much better and more detailed inspection of the back of the
...eye; approx 30 times greater field of view than an ophthalmoscope
...(the bright torch).


Importantly, the picture is stored on computer, allowing us to detect small
...changes from one visit to the next. Even in young apparently healthy
...eyes, a photograph provides a base-line reading to compare in the future.


It allows you to see what we see when we look with an ophthalmoscope
...(the bright torch)





Computerised Visual Field Testing


Good peripheral vision is as important as good central vision, but the patient rarely notices early loss of peripheral vision. We use the latest testing equipment to accurately assess the field of vision. A screening test lasts only 45 seconds per eye, checks for potential neurological problems and conditions such as glaucoma.


If indicated, a more detailed examination can be performed to allow accurate monitoring, or referral to an eye specialist. At Lings we use the same high quality instrument as the local eye departments allowing us to share results more easily.



Computerised Test Charts


Even the traditional light box test chart has been upgraded to a computer driven flat screen version, allowing a greater variety of diagnostic tests, and an infinitely variable sequence of letters for those with a photographic memory!



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