Advances in contact lens design and materials in the last few years have made contact lenses available to almost anyone who wishes to wear them, even if, in the past, you were told that contact lenses were not suitable.


Contact lenses mean no more uncomfortable slipping spectacles, no problems when you enter a warm room or wear them in the rain. Once again you can have full all-round vision and no one need ever know that you are wearing contact lenses, allowing you greater confidence and clear comfortable vision.


Frequent replacement contact lenses are the modern way to comfortable, healthy eyes and sharper vision. By replacing the lenses at regular intervals with a new sterile pair, the dirt and deposits that can cause irritation and blurred vision do not get a chance to build up.



Daily Disposable Soft Lenses


These are designed to be worn only once and thrown away at the end of the day. They are suitable to be worn every day or just for occasional use - for example, going out or playing sport.


Because they are never re-used, they are very simple and convenient to wear. Cleaning solutions are not required. Each lens is sterile, clean and fresh every day.



Monthly Replacement Soft Lenses


For regular wearers, monthly lenses offer excellent value for money. Each lens can be used for up to 30 days, and requires cleaning each evening on removal and storing in solution overnight.

Contact Lens Trial


Before fitting you with the appropriate trial contact lenses, the optometrist will assess the condition of your eyes to make sure they are suitable for contact lenses, and ask questions to determine your requirements.


Before you can take them away, we will ensure that you are confident with inserting and removing them, and will also show you how to care for the lenses safely.


You have approximately a week to try the contact lenses 'in the real world' before deciding if you want to go ahead with them. If you do, you simply buy your lenses from us at "Internet prices".


Our prices are around £22.50 per month for daily disposable contact lenses (no solutions required), from £6.00 per month for monthly replacement lenses, and from £5.00 per month for multi-purpose solutions.



Contact Lens Care Scheme


Most patients join our contact lens care scheme. For a single monthly payment by Direct Debit of £7.50, all contact lens appointments will be provided at no extra charge, no matter how many you need in a year.



Care Scheme Benefits:


20% off all complete pairs of spectacles


Comprehensive contact lens aftercare, including
  unscheduled appointments


Up to 33% discount off solutions


10% discount off non-prescription sunglasses and optical accessories



Call us to book your appointment on telephone: 01692 403687.